Vionvision G5 Smart Sensor

Brief Introduction

Vionvision G5 Smart Sensor adopts TrueFlow tag free staff exclusion technology, reaching up to 95% precision. In addition, the sensor can obtain other important statistics such as entry rate, dwell time distribution, etc. The sensor can be easily connected to the cloud-based BI platform for visualization and analysis. Start your business with real customer flow and smart analysis.


  • Traffic counting accuracy up to 99%

  • Staff Exclusion without any tags/pre-registration/designed gesture or movement pattern.

  • Entrance analytic: Entry Rate, Dwell Time Distribution, Demographics etc.

  • In-store functions include heat map,customer paths,and queue management


Smart Retail

Providing brick-mortar retail stores a tool to learn their customers and manage their operations in a data-based way

Shopping Malls

Carring out full-space store-level passenger flow analysis to optimize store invetsment, space layout, and customer experience

Public Area

Analysis of people flow in public places can improve visitor experience,  optimize resource allocation, and control crowd density

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