Smart Retail Solution
Our smart retail solution gives brick-mortar retail stores a tool to learn their customers in a data-based way. The management team can have a better insight on operation optimization, staff management, customer satisfaction improvement etc.  

Key Features

Four-in-One System

Our four-in-one system includes store traffic, passersby & entry rate, staff exclusion, and dwell time distribution.


Heatmap helps you understand customer interaction through a direct overview of store performance.

Customer Engagement

Through the analysis of the experience customers near a certain product, forming the ranking of each product’s engagement.

Customer Paths

Through the analysis of the experience customers near a certain product, forming the ranking of each product’s engagement.


Staff can quickly respond to the problems and improve customer shopping experience through real-time monitoring of queue length and waiting time.

Solution Schematic


Case Study

Case Study A: Smart Store Upgrade for a 3C Brand

Vionvision serves the brand’s more than 5,000 stores. The services provided include initial POC testing, overall solution design, front-end equipment installation and commissioning, use training and after-sales maintenance of the cloud platform. The system has been used in more than 300 cities and generates more than 75 million passenger traffic data per month. At the store entrance, Vionvision’s equipment provides analysis services such as passing-by flow and incoming traffic, staff exclusion, store entry rates, dwell time distribution, customer demographic surveys, and more. In the store, it implements functions such as product attractiveness analysis and customer shopping path analysis. Our solutions bring the following value to our clients:

  • Analyzed the actual traffic flow and the effectiveness of traffic flow increased by 22%
  • Obtained the actual conversion rate and improved it by more than 5%
  • Optimized store layout, increasing exposure and dwell time of the best-selling products

Case Study B : Traffic Analysis for an International Jewelry Brand

Vionvision has cooperated with hundreds of stores under the brand, in addition to basic traffic analysis, it also provides our customers with product attractiveness analysis, dwell time and conversion rate correlation analysis, as well as conversion rate analysis of new season jewelry displayed in the window. Our solutions bring the following value to our clients:

  • 10% increase in customer trafficand 15%-20% increase in dwell time
  • Increased the conversion rate of gold, platinum, and diamond jewelry by 15%, 12%, and 8%
  • 11% increase in annual sales and 9% increase in the conversion rate of membership registration


G5 Smart Sensor

Featuring the patented TrueFlow tag free staff exclusion technology, the G5 sensor can obtain important statistics such as entry rate, dwell time distribution, heatmap, queue management, etc.

CBox Ⅲ

Vionvision CBox Ⅲ can convert non-smart cameras into smart retail sensors with the patented TrueFlow staff exclusion technology.

BI Platform

Cloud-based BI platform for visualization and analysis.

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