Shopping Mall Solution
Upgraded with Vionvision G5 Smart Sensor and TrueFlow technology, the store's footfall data is more realistic without the distractions of store associates. In addition, our solution can analyze the main patterns of passenger flow in order to optimize the layout of stores in the mall.

Traffic & Occupancy

Our system can analyze traffic and occupancy data of shopping mall, special area, each floor, and each store. The data is also easily viewed through our BI platform, which is beneficial for daily operation, campaign evaluation, and emergency action.

Dwell time Distribution

Indicate conversion rate, the longer customers stay, the more possibilities they will consume. Exclude passing-through customers, which can help to get real customer counts combined with staff exclusion.

Customer Paths

By integrating the mall’s plaza-level and store-level G5 sensors, Vionvision’s solution can analyze the main patterns of customers’ shopping paths. It is thus used to optimize store layout, promote even distribution of passenger flow, and reduce the “cold” area of passenger flow in shopping malls.


Heatmap is made through the analysis of customer paths, customer traffic, and dwell time. Analyze popular areas and customer engagement to optimize customer paths and increase dwell time.






Atrium Areas

Store Entrance


Case Study

Case Study A: Nagoya Mall, Japan

By installing Vionvision G5 sensors at the entrance, elevators, escalators, and stores of the shopping mall, the overall customer flow of the shopping center, the customer flow of each floor, and the customer flow of each store were collected. Monitoring the fluctuation of passenger flow can help the operation and management team of Nagoya Shopping Center in Japan to grasp the operation data indicators and adopt different operation strategies in different periods.
In terms of digital empowerment of store operations, by comparing the passenger flow data between different stores, combined with sales, spatial location, format attributes, and brand attributes, it is possible to more accurately judge whether a store is operating in a good state. At the same time, the data inside the shopping center can be opened to store operators to help them better understand the changes in the business environment and adjust store management strategies in a timely manner.
At the shopping center level, combined with comprehensive analysis of multi-dimensional data such as space, time, sales, and commercial attributes, it can realize shopping center customer flow trend perception, marketing campaign effect evaluation, shopping center store traffic distribution, and heat map analysis, store customer flow trend perception and other functions, thereby enhancing the data-driven management capabilities of shopping malls.

Case Study B: Jinmao Lanxiu City, Changsha, China

Jinmao Changsha Lanxiu City adopts Vionvision’s smart shopping mall solution. With 320 sets of G5 sensors covering the entire venue, shopping malls can obtain complete passenger flow data in real time, so as to gain insight into the relationship between business formats, floors, and stores, joint marketing for strongly related stores, special marketing for weakly related stores, and technology empowerment Improve the overall operational capability of the project. Through the accumulation and analysis of customer flow data, combined with internal and external factors that affect the business, customer base, and marketing data, comprehensively guide the overall business strategy of the project to create more value for the shopping center and tenants.


G5 Smart Sensor

Featuring the patented TrueFlow tag free staff exclusion technology, the G5 sensor can obtain important statistics such as entry rate, dwell time distribution, heatmap, queue management, etc.

CBox Ⅲ

Vionvision CBox Ⅲ can convert non-smart cameras into smart retail sensors with the patented TrueFlow staff exclusion technology.

BI Platform

Cloud-based BI platform for visualization and analysis.

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