Public Area Solution
Based on accurate passenger flow statistics like main entrance footfall, key area people counting/dwell time, Vionvision's public area solution provides a better insight of public facility occupancy, queue length and estimated waiting time.

Passenger Traffic Counting

Adopting advanced deep learning algorithms, which is based on ten million sample data in real scenes, our passenger traffic counting accuracy can reach more than 99%. It an be applied in both indoor and out door entrances/exits under multiple extreme conditions like low/high illumination or overcrowded passenger flow.


Occupancy can be recognized as passenger flow retention in a hall or certain areas, which can be calculated based on the incoming and outgoing passenger numbers of main entrances/exists. Knowing occupancy of certain areas helps to avoid overcrowded situation, make adjustment of staff working hour etc.

queue Management

By analyzing the number of passengers queuing and estimated queuing time in key areas such as security check and baggage check, passengers can be informed of real-time queue situation, which contributes to the improvement of passenger travel experience and satisfaction. Staff can also take effective measures to avoid excessive waiting time.

Travel Paths

Travel paths analyse of passengers in airports and stations helps to understand the distribution of passenger movements and dwell time in each area, which enables staff/managers to optimize the spatial distribution of service desks, adopt more user-friendly signage, develop evacuation plans in case of emergencies etc.


Case Study

Case Study A: Zhengzhou International Airport Passenger Flow Analysis System

Zhengzhou International Airport is a 4F-class international civil airport with an annual passenger throughput of more than 20 million. Vionvison provides a complete passenger flow analysis and visualization solution for the airport. The solution includes:

  • Analysis of queue length and waiting time in areas such as security check and baggage check
  • Real-time passenger retention in the entire waiting hall
  • Conduct heat map analysis of passenger flow on each floor, etc. Through these data services, the following values have been brought to customers:
  • The current queue number and waiting time are displayed in real time on the LED screen to optimize the passenger experience
  • Optimize the schedule of airport cleaning, security, service, and transfer personnel based on passenger flow statistics

Case Study B: China Science and Technology Museum Visitor Flow Statistics System​

Vionvision provides various services such as statistics on the number of people entering and leaving the exhibition halls, real-time statistics on the number of people in the exhibition halls, and early warning of the number of visitors exceeding the limit for the major themed exhibition halls in the museum. Through these data services, the following improvements have been brought to customers:          

  • Real-time display of the current number of tourists in each exhibition hall, and guide tourists to rationally arrange their tour plans
  • Through the early warning of the total number of people in the exhibition hall exceeding the limit, the diversion of tourists can be carried out in time
  • Optimize the shift plan of the exhibition hall staff through the statistical results of passenger flow


G5 Smart Sensor

Featuring the patented TrueFlow tag free staff exclusion technology, the G5 sensor can obtain important statistics such as entry rate, dwell time distribution, heatmap, queue management, etc.

CBox Ⅲ

Vionvision CBox Ⅲ can convert non-smart cameras into smart retail sensors with the patented TrueFlow staff exclusion technology.

BI Platform

Cloud-based BI platform for visualization and analysis.

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