Four-in-One Footfall System

Store Traffic

Based on deep learning models trained using millions of sample data from thousands of real scenes, our system achieves 99%+ counting accuracy and is robust under various conditions including high volume traffic, shadows and strong or dim lighting environment.

Passersby & Entry Rate

Designed with a super wide FOV (Field of view), our system can measure both the passersby as well as the incoming traffic. Our retail solution can measure both the passersby as well as the incoming traffic. Baesd on these numbers, the entry rate can be easily calculated, which is a crucial KPI for store operations.

Staff Exclusion

Staff activities typically account for 20% to 70% of flow counts, which makes it essential to deduct the staff counts from the overall traffic counts in order to obtain the real customer counts. Vionvision developed the patented TrueFlow technology, which is tag/dangle free, customer privacy assured, and no need for staff pre-registration. This innovation solves a long-standing technical challenge in the industry.

Dwell TIme Distribution

The system is able to record the entry and the exit time of each customer, and therefore the corresponding dwell time. The dwell time distribution and its relationship with conversion rate is important gauge for operation improvement.


G5 Smart Sensor

Featuring the patented TrueFlow tag free staff exclusion technology, the G5 sensor can obtain important statistics such as entry rate, dwell time distribution, heatmap, queue management, etc.

CBox Ⅲ/Lite

Vionvision CBox Ⅲ/Lite can convert non-smart cameras into smart retail sensors with the patented TrueFlow staff exclusion technology.

BI Platform

Cloud-based BI platform for visualization and analysis.

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