Customer Paths

Customer paths reveal existing and potential customers’ experiences. Quality customer paths guide potential customers to becoming “buying” customers. Our system analyzes the main patterns of customer paths in pre-defined areas, which can be applied in store management.


Lengthen dwell time

Understand customers’ buying habits and optimize the store layout to lengthen their dwell time.

Improve sales conversion


Adjust goods placement in most and least visited areas to promote their exposure.

Make customers fully understand the products, and improve sales conversion.

Optimize Marketing Strategy

Locate proper space for marketing events, such as sales, new arrivals, etc.

Combine with marketing costs, quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activities to improve marketing efficiency and profitability.


G5 Smart Sensor

Featuring the patented TrueFlow tag free staff exclusion technology, the G5 sensor can obtain important statistics such as entry rate, dwell time distribution, heatmap, queue management, etc.

CBox Ⅲ

Vionvision CBox Ⅲ can convert non-smart cameras into smart retail sensors with the patented TrueFlow staff exclusion technology.

BI Platform

Cloud-based BI platform for visualization and analysis.

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