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Brief Introduction

BI platform visualizes your business data, including customers, products, and employees. Data is the essence of improving customer engagement, empowering employees, optimizing operations, and reimagining your products.  

9 Customer Flow Indicators
100+ Custom Reports
Multi-level Management
Data Privacy
User Friendly


Check Store Performance​

You can easily check the store performance or the store performance distribution under one group. For a  store owner, grasping the peak flow to optimize staff shifts, reduce cost, and improve employee efficiency. For corporate executives and managers, measuring stores performance, adjusting operation strategies, etc can be achieved through the store performance ranking.

Optimize Operations​

Our BI platform reports are practical in all aspects of operations. The passersby data is helpful to locate your business. Custom KPIs can measure your business, make decisions, and improve management. Then, you can optimize operations through inventory, warehouse, and employee effectiveness management.

Improve Customer Engagement​​

Combined with customer paths and heatmap, it is clear to know the most and least visited areas. Based on the analysis, optimizing store layout and increasing cross-sell and upsell to improve customer engagement. Besides, employees can react quickly according to our queue management reports, making customers stay longer in store.

Evaluate Marketing Success​

Customer traffic is a vital indicator of an event marketing success. The huge customer traffic increase brand awareness, reach out to more potential customers and increase sales finally. Custom event data is also available.


Smart Retail

Providing brick-mortar retail stores a tool to learn their customers and manage their operations in a data-based way

Shopping Malls

Carring out full-space store-level passenger flow analysis to optimize store invetsment, space layout, and customer experience

Public Area

Analysis of people flow in public places can improve visitor experience,  optimize resource allocation, and control crowd density

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