VionVision Has Completed the GDPR-compliant Certification as to Become A More Trustworthy International AIoT-centric Service Provider

With the rapid development of the digital economy, artificial intelligence technology is widely applied. However, entwined issues related to personal data privacy and security leaks have also been frequently occurring, especially since 2023. Recently, VionVision’s intelligent people counting devices, together with its patented BI software, AI algorithm,  smart analysis terminals, and all other self-developed products, have successfully passed the GDPR compliance assessment based on the protocol legally regulated by the European Union. This will significantly reduce the risks of user data security and privacy leaks, allowing the release of value in more scenarios for digitization and intelligence.

**What is GDPR?**

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), enacted by the European Union on May 25th, 2018, is a data protection regulation aimed at safeguarding the personal data and privacy rights of citizens. It establishes rules for the collection, use, processing, and storage of personal data. GDPR has global applicability, and any organization or global company providing products or services to EU data subjects or monitoring their user behavior is subject to GDPR constraints. Focused on protecting personal data security and privacy, GDPR regulates data processing behavior and grants a series of rights to data subjects to promote the realization of data protection and privacy.

**Core Contents of GDPR:**

  1. Enterprises should take measures to ensure data security;
  2. Data subjects are granted rights such as adding, deleting, modification, and querying;
  3. Obligations and responsibilities of data processors;
  4. Transparency, security, and notification of data breaches;
  5. In case of violations, data controllers must report to regulatory authorities within 72 hours;
  6. Both data controllers and processors need to keep records of data processing.

**Importance of GDPR:**

GDPR sets the benchmark for global data protection, establishing new standards for how businesses collect, store, protect, and use user data. In terms of global privacy protection practices, GDPR equips independent data protection regulatory authorities with stronger and more coordinated enforcement powers. In privacy protection cooperation governance, it provides a more modern toolbox, driving the progress heading into the global digital era.

In 2021, GDPR issued a fine of up to 7.46 billion Euros to Amazon, impacting the compliance and privacy strategies of global tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google. GDPR stipulates that the maximum fine for violating companies is 4% of their global revenue or 20 million Euros. This marks compliance as an insurmountable red line.

**VionVision's Practice in GDPR:**

As a company focusing on computer vision & AI algorithm technology and AIoT hardware development, VionVision also prioritizes user data security and privacy protection, strictly complying with GDPR compliance requirements. While empowering digital business innovations in smart business and smart retail, it prioritizes compliance, user data privacy protection, and consumer rights, adhering to these principles and implementing them in specific products.

In May 2023, VionVision’s four-in-one digital people counting devices and smart analysis terminal series of products began undergoing GDPR compliance testing and assessment, obtaining certification in August.

It is essential to note that, regarding customer data collection principles, VionVision’s AIoT people counting devices are differing from traditional hardwares in three major aspects:

  1. Pre-processing and Embedded of AI Computing Power: take G5 as an example, ithas built-in AI chips and algorithms, completing non-biological information recognition, such as clothing and attire, internally without the need for image upload for cloud-based analysis;
  2. Anonymization and ReIDProcessing: Information collection is anonymized, and end intelligent-computing is used without collecting images capturing or generating from computer vision;
  3. No Information Storage: the remote systemdoes not store any captured image data, while asautomatically deleting the extracted anonymous information immediately to ensure the privacy and security of all kinds of end-users.

Products and devices that meet GDPR privacy protection standards have been widely used by VionVision in various business scenarios to address issues related to in-store and passers-by footfall counting and analysis. For example, the full trajectory accurate people counting solution, with a full integration of latest generation of AIoT devices, has recently been successfully deployed in Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Dubai, and many other major countries, by empowering shopping centers, retail stores, public park or transportation operators, and brand conglomerates in digital operations and management.

VionVision’s comprehensive smart business solution ensures not only the safety of customers’ personal data and privacy, but enhances the granularity and precision of shopping center and retailers’ operation as well. This allows the store operations management team, information office or the brand and marketing group to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior paths and preferences, enabling the customization of more accurate marketing strategies, thereby increasing sales conversion rates and overall sales.

**Significance of GDPR Compliance and Practices of VionVision's Products:**

VionVision’s approval through GDPR for AI visual recognition, smart city, smart commerce, and digital retail industries in a global manner has set a new paradigm. This fully confirms that VionVision has reached the first-class standard internationally in information data security and user privacy protection. It can provide various kinds of partners with safer and more reliable services and solutions, significantly reducing the risks of user data security and privacy protection and allowing the release of value in more scenarios for digitalization and intelligence.

**About VionVision**

Committed to developing the world-leading computer vision algorithms, products, and traffic counting solutions since 2005. Our products and solutions have been applied worldwide in the sectors of retail stores, shopping malls, public areas, etc.

VionVision patented technology is specialized in Shopping Center Leasing and Performance Improvement, Supermarket Checkout Lane Queue Length and Dwell Time Analysis, Public Space Traffic Analysis in Challenging Scenarios, Public Park traffic analysis with Staff Exclusion, etc.


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