Staff Exclusion Problem Solved! Vionvision new generation TrueFlow customer traffic analysis system launched!

Vionvision officially released a new generation of customer traffic analysis system based on TrueFlow technology integrating the AI technology and years of service experience in the commercial retail industry, obtained the patent of Unsupervised Staff exclusion Method (Patent No. ZL202011227756.1) and other three patents in China. The demand for digital transformation in stores is increasing, especially the customer traffic data has become the basic data to optimize store operations. Vionvision TrueFlow system uses the ReID algorithm at a vertical angle, which not only avoids the collection of face information, but also recognizes store staff precisely.

Normally speaking, staff will be counted in the customer traffic system. How to get real and reliable customer traffic is then a critical issue. Vionvision new generation of customer traffic analysis systems for stores has exceeded expectations in the real scene and has been well received by our clients. The system solves the pain points in the application of customer flow statistics in commercial real estate and retail chains business. The system will provide a strong guarantee for business recovery and digital transformation.

Powerful Functions

  • Automatically distinguish between staff and customers and get real and effective customer flow statistic
  • Provide a wide field of view and analyze incoming and outgoing customers, passersby, entry rate, etc
  • Improve customer service quality and customer satisfaction by recording the time of each customer entering & leaving the store and counting the dwell time of customers in the store

Excellent Indicators  

  • Customer flow statistics with an accuracy of over 99%
  • Effectively eliminate interference factors such as light, shadows, shopping carts, etc
  • Automatic staff exclusion function with the accuracy of over 95%

Cloud Maintenance

  • Supportremote parameter configuration and device management
  • Remote real-time automatic monitoring of equipment online status and equipment working status
  • Standard API for data transmission

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