Video Inspection

Integrated one-stop AIOT solutions streamline inspection workflows, facilitating timely issue resolution and enhance operational effectiveness.

One-click Remote Monitoring and Management of Thousands of Stores

Computer, cell phone, large screen, central monitoring controller, anytime, anywhere, integrated comprehensive store-level video inspection function. Utilising VionVision’s one-stop AIOT solutions to complete the remote inspection workflow online, timely correction of on-site problems affecting customer experience, work track automatically generates visualisation reports, objective analysis of store service level, and comprehensive control of employees and inventory goods.

Video Inspections

Real-time video view of the store customers’ shopping situation, you can also choose to view the preset location. When problems are found, photos will be taken and sent to the store manager for rectification. Immediate online guidance via voice intercom or CRM/ERM is also available to enhance customer satisfaction in the store.

Remote Surveillance

VionVision’s solution allows remote inspection with the help of an online checklist. After inspection, "red line items" can be set according to the scoring rules, and "unlimited" demerit points can be deducted from store problem items, such as expired raw materials and store hygiene, to discover the problems affecting customer experience.

AI Inspection

Create intelligent inspection tasks through AI recognition with up to 99% accuracy. It can be used for tasks that require repeated inspections, such as merchandise display, price tags, dress code, hygiene, queue detection, cell phone playback, and other scenarios, to provide customers with a quality shopping environment at all times.

On-site Store Patrol

When you open the VionVision remote inspection platform, you can see the inspected stores at a glance. After arriving at the store, you can complete the scoring of spot inspection items, take photos and evidence, upload reports and other operations via cell phone. At the same time, on-site inspection does not allow operators to upload pictures already in the photo album, avoiding the risk of cheating during inspection.

SOP Checks

Configure the scene to be inspected, spot check items, storage, period, time point, and spot checker, the camera automatically captures and generates pictures, and the spot checker receives the spot check tasks that need to be performed by him/herself and carries out the inspection.

View the video, there are problems with the picture real-time capture and push, sent to the relevant person in charge of immediate rectification, there is a picture with the basis for the inspection of the store more objective, fair and effective, automatically complete the inspection of the store scoring

After many iterations of the product, combined with the actual situation of different enterprises, the formation of six store patrol mode, which can meet the needs of different stores, different industries, different stages of retail enterprise patrol.

Through the video inspection software to fully grasp the store operations, customer shopping, store staff service, standardise service behaviour, and effectively improve customer satisfaction and store conversion rate.

Through the different dimensions of the store inspection report, a comprehensive analysis of a single store or a chain of stores, to find problems and optimisation, and comprehensively improve the standardised management capabilities of retail chain stores.



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