Shopping Centres & Department Stores

Activate the Latent Potential of Customer Data to Improve Tenant Monitoring and Operational Efficiency

Sales Figure Re-validation

Accurately verify monthly/quarterly tenant operating sales figures.

Store-level Footfall and Correlation Analysis

VionVision can offer you a comprehensive full-cycle analysis of tenant operation monitring and sales performance. Find the flagship stores with the most "sales impact" and create a constellation effect by evaluating cross-store, cross-floor and cross-industrial sales statistics through supermall authorisation.

Monetisation and Real-time Bidding Advertising

A data-driven online and offline real-time bidding advertising platform.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Location switch and cross-store marketing campaigns to enhance joint efforts. Text messages or coupons via mobile apps that enable secondary sales or re-purchases.

Leasing Improvements

Data-driven analytics tools can help you find the best tenants with higher shared value.

The Most Easy-to-Use BI Platform ONLY for Supermall Operators

Visualise hard-to-understand statistics, easily customisable layouts, multiple output formats, and integrated management of multiple malls and tenants in a single column.



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