With the most comprehensive footfall statistics parameters and integrated AI algorithms, you can take control of the entire conversion funnel.

Enabling Full Conversion Funnel Management

Prior to the introduction of the G5/G6 smart sensors, it was virtually impossible to access, analyse and utilise pass-by and purchase footfall statistics in retail scenarios. VionVision is committed to delivering a comprehensive solutions that connects all phases of the sales conversion funnel to find the most "flagship" insights for operators. Staff exclusion technology and comprehensive heatmap functionalities are both designed to reveal "real customer data" from a holistic computer vision, while the most powerful business intelligence platform helps decision makers access AI-enabled reports with a single click.

Loss Prevention and Remote Surveillance

VionVision follows the rules of "Deter Fraud, Reduce Shrinkage, Protect Profits" to help you understand and combat retail fraud and put your money where it belongs. ReID technology now enables a complete trajectory of an individual customer's entry into a store with cross-checking of sales figures through POS integration, checking of merchandise gaps through object recognition algorithms, unusual behaviours detected from customer gestures and time spent in the checkout area, screenshots, and the corresponding customer profiles, which can be automatically exported to a store manager, centralised control, or even a direct alarm system.

Artificial Intelligence Visual Inspector

Save on your secret shopper expenses and increase group-level supervisory efficiency by monitoring store cleanliness (real-time proactive alerts generated by AI algorithms), floor hygiene (using object recognition technology and logging messy scenarios to the store manager), and employee service status (inappropriate behaviors such as playing mobile phones, delayed response to customers, etc.) are automatically factored into the scoring system), unorganised product displays (24*7 cross-checking of specific target areas), empty shelves (automated integration with supply chain to save on labour costs), and clutter clogging (enabling a closed loop with the automated review, correction, and validation by AI).

Improvements through the OODA Approach

With minimal equipment in the marketplace, VionVision helps international retail brands to competitively compare cross-store footfall data at HQ, identify (abnormally high/low) anomalies, compare and categorise them, enable demographics factor analysis with exclusion and high accuracy, and execute plans supported by a cloud-based BI platform.

Leverage the PDCA Organic Cycle

Unify brand image, replicate successful marketing strategies, and implement the most efficient employee management by performing A/B testing, cross-store comparisons, and AI-supported cluster analysis until the most effective replication and standardisation measures are found, such as integrating PoS data with staff scheduling systems.



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