Install smart devices with time-stamping capabilities to analyse, evaluate and execute to solve operational problems in one fell swoop.

Leverage Time-stamped Computer Vision Footage

Measure order service time, table cleaning time, and meal times with minimal installation of digital devices.

Widest Range of AI Inspector Protocols

Unified enterprise SOP standard management; customisable industry-specific SOPs; development of standard inspection templates and use of different inspection templates for different inspection roles; inspection backtracking to optimise and improve inspection templates.

Queue Management and Abandonment Optimisation

"Queuing units" have always been one of the most difficult objects for traditional surveillance cameras to accurately identify and consistently track, because individual customers come and go, and queues are always flexible and changing.
Flexible and ever-changing. VionVision has been working on developing cutting-edge AI algorithms to identify queuing units in a variety of scenarios and provide managers with the ability to identify queuing units from the perspectives of cashier occupancy, checkout lane shapes, abandonment prevention, and on-site queuing fatigue-releasing methods, providing managers with data-driven adjustment strategies and digital management infographics.

AI Intelligent Store Inspection

The efficiency of restaurants (including both front areas and back kitchens) is always the decisive factor for customer satisfaction and return rate. In addition to traditional inspection methods including real-time, inspection documentation review and physical measurement. VionVison with its unique AI algorithms can 7*24 automatically detect and report irregular behaviour such as presenteeism (employees are physically present but not actively engaged in productive tasks), time theft (employees engaging in activities unrelated to work during paid hours, such as extended breaks, excessive personal phone use), Workplace Sabotage (deliberate actions by employees to damage company property). By identifying such behaviours, managers can take corrective actions immediately to improve staff productivity and optimise labour utilisation. Additionally, the lack of cleanliness is another major concern for restaurant owners and customers. Poor sanitary issues like rodents and garbage problems will significantly damage restaurants' reputations and profits. VionVision's AI-powered devices and systems can assist restaurants in identifying hygienic problems rapidly. This proactive approach enables timely intervention to address sanitary issues and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, safeguarding the well-being of both staff and customers.

Food Storage Intelligence Detection and Shortage Notification

Consider this scenario: a hungry customer takes time out of their busy day to browse your menu and order food through delivery platforms. They are eagerly waiting for their order. However, they receive a call from the restaurant to let them know the main dish from their order is out of stock. Or, even worse, they receive an incomplete order without the menu items that were out of stock at the restaurant. They probably give negative reviews to your restaurant and never return. To prevent this kind of situation, Vionvision's AI-driven devices can provide you with an easy way to take control of your storerooms. The digital sensor can continuously monitor the key areas of storage shelves and detect in-stock status. Vionvision's digital sensors are capable of functioning in temperatures as low as -30Celsius degrees, allowing you to set up in most food storage environments, including cold storage facilities. When there's a shortage, it can promptly generate alerts and notifications for supervisors, allowing for immediate intervention and replenishment. Furthermore, the meesage of shortage can be timely synchronised to all online delivery platforms to prevent situations where customers are dissuaded by the inaccuracy online menu.

Data-assisted Operations

Restaurant owners must closely monitor multiple metrics to obtain a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of their restaurant's performance. Utilising data allows you to assess the impact of any changes made. Relying solely on subjective impressions and intuition is inadequate for effective business management, as these can frequently lead to inaccuracies. Therefore, prioritising data-driven decision-making is essential. By leveraging advanced ReID technology and unique AI algorithms, VionVision can offer you comprehensive data and provide help with scheduling, promotions, conversions, traffic trends, heat maps, and footfall patterns.

The VionVision zone-based people counting system can assist you in investigating which days of the week or times of the day are the busiest and slowest, so you can strategically schedule your staff. 

Quantifying the success of promotional events can be challenging. However, footfall data allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives in increasing foot traffic, providing tangible metrics for evaluating success or failure.

A high customer conversion rate is crucial for success of restaurant and increase profits. By comparing foot flow data and your sales information, you can easily find the disparity between foot traffic and paying customers, then calculate the accurate conversion rates. If your conversion rate falls below expectations, it becomes imperative to explore methods to engage and convert these potential customers' walk-ins.

The heat map and footfall patterns will directly indicate which facilities are being used most, such as entrances, tables, self-service food dispensers, etc. This can help you decide where to place host podiums or signs directing customers to seat themselves or telling them where they need to go. You can also use this information to choose the places to settle your promotional advertisement, thereby maximising profit potential.



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