Queue Management

Gain valuable insights into customers’ checkout experience throughout the store and optimise queue management, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

No One Likes to Wait In Line! VionVision to the Rescue

For traditional surveillance cameras, “queuing units” are one of the most challenging objects to accurately identify and consistently track, as individual customers come and go, and queue lines are always flexible.
VionVision has been working on developing cutting-edge AI algorithms to identify queuing units in a variety of scenarios and provide managers with the ability to identify queuing units from the perspectives of cashier occupancy, checkout lane shapes, prevention of abandonment, and on-site queue fatigue-release methods, as well as provide managers with data-driven adjustment strategies and digital management infographics.

Queue Analytics and Improved Checkout Experience for Regular Checkout Lanes

Using VionVision TrueFlow and ReID technology, wait and service times per queuing shopper/household, length of each checkout lane, and cart abandonment rates can be analysed.
In real-world scenarios, a "queuing unit" can be a mix of customers waiting in line and shopping carts, while a family buyer and a single buyer will have completely different queuing profiles, but they are all just one "queuing unit". In addition, customers inside the queue are likely to leave and return temporarily, or leave with a shopping trolley or basket, abandoning their purchases. Vionvision's queue analysis system takes all of this into account and accurately analyses the number of "queue units" in each queue, distinguishes between waiting time and served time, and accurately identifies those who return and those who abandon their purchases.

Self-Checkout area Queue Analysis

In the self-checkout area, where the more flexible and varied shape of the queue places greater demands on the intelligence of the queue analysis system, Vionvision's queue management system is able to automatically identify free-form queues and accurately measure waiting and service times.

Queue Arrival Modeling and Customer Experience Improvement

Queue length is determined by customer arrivals and checkout lane service capacity. Vionvision's queue management system is capable of predicting customer arrivals, so that appropriate service capacity can be deployed in advance, improving the quality and stability of the customer experience. By interfacing with manpower scheduling systems, the overall customer queuing experience can be further enhanced.



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