Libraries & Museums

Optimise operational efficiency and enhance the visitor experience by implementing AI-empowered people counters and adopting state-of-the-art customer service desks for libraries.

Understand the Visitor Journeys

Based on the comprehensive footfall and dwell time statistics, visitor count data can help you identify top performing areas or areas that need improvement.

Make Informed Decisions

Use objective visitor count data to effectively plan for the future, allocate budgets and make critical business decisions.

Optimise Scheduling

Save costs and improve the visitor experience by utilising historical trends in visitor count data to intelligently deploy staff when and where they are needed.

Unleash Retail Potentials

Analyse visitor flows to determine the best locations for retail stores or new attractions. For attractions that rely on government funding, souvenir and gift stores are critical to increasing revenue and should be maximised.

Improve the Interactive Experience

Provide a better visitor experience by more closely aligning visitor needs with staffing levels and service optimisation.

Schedule Maintenance Intelligently

Maintenance cannot always be carried out outside of working hours, but disruption can be minimised by scheduling it during quieter times.

VionVision's One-stop Solution

VionVision’s one-stop museum/library solution provides a simple, reliable way to measure visitor numbers and gain insights into visitor movement within an attraction using unique features such as highly-accurate staff exclusion, group counts, children filters, heat maps and more.

Since funding and grants are often tied to visitor numbers, it is critical to measure and understand visitor flow statistics accurately. Relying on rough estimates or guesswork has the potential to underestimate your popularity grossly.

Other benefits include cost savings through optimised staffing programs, identifying new revenue-generating opportunities, and improving the environment and visitor experience to encourage repeat visits.


People counting sensors

The VionVision cutting-edge smart sensor series is revolutionising retail industries with its unparalleled precision and powerful counting ability. The VionVision sensors are dedicated to providing real-time data insights that drive informed decision-making and optimise management processes. It integrated various footfall analytics functionalities, from visitor flow measurement to in-store analytics, the possibilities are endless with VionVision's innovative products.
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Edge-computing Terminals

The VionVision Cbox smart terminal is an industrial-leading computer vision analysis box. The Cbox offers the most cost-effective solutions that allow users to convert non-smart surveillance cameras and CCTV architectures rather than deploy new smart sensors. With remarkable computing power, this terminal can execute multiple video analytics tasks simultaneously, thus empowering businesses to optimise processes and achieve greater success.
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Data & Application Platforms

The VionVision data application platforms, also known as BI (Business Intelligence) platforms, excel at visualising complex statistics in easily understandable formats. It can generate comprehensive reports from mobile phones, PCs, and other interfaces, catering to diverse needs. Whether you are managing retail stores or commercial supercenters, this platform can help you grasp insights and make informed decisions in today's data-driven world.
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Remote Surveillance Platform

The remote surveillance platform represents a cutting-edge cloud-based computer vision analysis system. It is specifically tailored for the management needs of commercial supercenters and chain retail stores. This product can be applied in the video inspection, improve the quality of service provided by the staff, check the store's environmental hygiene, loss prevention and other scenarios.
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