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Leverage our superior technologies and extensive expertise developing solutions for the most challenging physical environments.

Application of Computer Vision Analytics for Industrial Use Cases

Use a minimum number of smart sensors to solve AI problems;
No need to worry about algorithm compatibility and multiple extreme engineering scenarios. Instead, VionVision can even repurpose existing security camera infrastructure that the industry typically has for digital capabilities;
Analysis targets can be customised from as small as elevator occupancy to as large as instant warning alarms for warehouse-based production prevention;

Zone-based People Counting and Analysis

Detects the movement of people throughout an organisation within a certain spatial area and alerts people to unsafe areas. Automatically takes action based on the presence (or lack thereof) of personnel and sets a maximum limit of personnel entry for each accident-prone area.

Automatic Braking of Self-driving Vehicles

Utilise G5/G6 digital sensors or Cbox smart terminals (legacy systems for CCTVs) to monitor the risk of interaction between people and self-driving vehicles, generating automatic safety measures to prevent accidents.

On-board Alert Systems

VionVision detects all visitors, management and administrative staffs, factory workers, elevators in office buildings, and other non-standardised objects (e.g. forklifts moving in logistics warehouses, central kitchens with food safety issues, etc.), providing controllers with an on-board alert system to warn of deviant events. Through industrial communication protocols, audiovisual alarms and signal requests coordinated through APIs can also be issued in the field through system integration.

Prevention of Production Line Accidents

Apply computer vision analysis and remote monitoring capabilities to verify that production lines and industrial processes are operating properly. Detect anomalies preventatively and take action before it is too late.

Real-time Location Mapping

With VionVision, you can map large 2.5D areas in real-time utilising magnetic field positioning technology. Currently, VionVision measures levels in administrative offices, warehouses, central kitchens and silos spread over thousands of square meters, giving us real-time visibility into heights, levels and volumes.



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