Edge-computing Terminal

The Cbox smart terminal allows users to convert non-smart surveillance infrastructure and CCTV architectures in to smart sensors that can capture and analyse data in real-time without deploying new sensors. The Cbox terminal extends the lifespan and utility of existing equipment, maximising the return on investment for businesses.

Customer Path Analysis

AI-empowered correlation


High Accuracy

Performance Improvement

Especially for anchor stores

Tag-free Stuff Exclusion

Over 95% accuracy


Super-low power

Embeded Display

Extremely strong concealment

Queue Management

Check-out lane length and
waiting time analysis

Data Encryption

Encrypted transmission of
non-biometric metadata


Convenient installment and
implementation methods

Extreme Scenario Execution

Suitable for large public and
low illumination areas


Vionvision CBox C5

The Vionvision CBox (C5) smart terminal empowers users to conduct data analysis with great compatibility with all kinds of existing CCTV architectures and most commonly-used brands and types of IP cameras/sensors. It has various advantages such as small in size, low in power consumption, easy to install, long-lasting and supporting deployment in various environments.It can simultaneously analyse multiple video streams at a resolution of 1080p each. Leveraging TrueFlow technology, the CBox can offer comprehensive solutions for a variety of needs, from accurate people counting to quality of service analysis for store associates, as well as store inspections and loss prevention solutions. Furthermore, integration with BI platforms facilitates effortless visualisation and analysis, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of data-driven decision-making processes.



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