Amusement Parks

Quantify and analyse the guests’ visiting experiences and identify areas for improvement by installing intelligent sensors or terminals that connect to the multiple kinds of parks’ existing security architectures.

Efficiently Operated Transportation Patterns

Ticketing systems report how many people entered the park at what time, but when paired with a people counter, you can add exit flows, park fill-ups, fluctuation patterns, retailer preference and abandonment behaviours, coupon validity, and much more all into the datasets. In addition to traditional people counters, smart sensors can be installed throughout the park, explicitly covering specific areas to quantify the usage of areas such as pools, amphitheatres, attractions, cafes and restrooms within the park. When management is privy to the day-to-day operations of a facility, they can proactively create memorable experiences in the park based on customer behaviours.

Scheduling and Queue Management

Understanding the visitor flow patterns also allows for more effective scheduling and placement of staff, character appearances, temporary events and marketing materials. Utilising real-time computer vision analytics algorithms to provide up-to-the-minute information to amusement park managers, as well as useful historical data, is a better way to gather the statistics you need without having to send valuable staff members to wander through lines or tally numbers. Sunmmer vacation, Christmas or Thanksgiving are some of the busiest days for amusement parks. However, every day of an amusement park's peak season is important, and every day, whether a major holiday or not, has its own queue and wait time data. Estimated wait times are automatically updated when there is a sudden influx of new visitors at the back of the line. The same technique applies if a group of people leave the queue. Real-time group counting analytics is not simply about counting the number of people in a space; it is about tracking individuals as they enter, move through, and leave a given environment with certain patterns. With a wealth of historical information at your fingertips, you have the potential to stay ahead of the crowd, prevent service disruptions, and be proactive about the number of people and resources needed on a given day or at a given time.

Video Surveillance and Crowd Control

With accurate usage data, you can better serve your guests by dispatching cleaning crews to the most heavily trafficked areas and performing maintenance at projected downtimes. In addition, G5/G6 digital sensors can be used at each entrance to the park to count guests entering and exiting to calculate real-time occupancy rates, reassuring guests that you are taking care to avoid overcrowding. You can now automate this process by using televisions to alert guests when they are allowed to enter or continue to wait, thus avoiding overcrowding or any unexpected safety issues without having to assign a staff member to count guests and maintain order.



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