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Inaccurate measurement of visitor flow

It has large difficulty in accurately measuring the number of visitors entering, exiting, and moving within a shopping mall due to the sheer volume of daily traffic. Traditional methods may not provide precise data, leading to challenges in understanding visitor behaviour and optimising mall operations.

Unable to track the trajectory of the visitor flow

Traditional sensors are hard to track the trajectory of visitor flow and understand how individuals move throughout the mall, including their paths, dwell times, and interactions with different areas.

Lack of coverage

Due to the performance limits of traditional sensors and the inability to lever existing video surveillance, it meets the difficult of lack of coverage arises and results in blind spots.

Privacy Concerns & Data security

Without adequate safeguards in place, such as anonymization, encryption, and transparent data handling practices, there is a risk of privacy violations and data breaches, eroding the trust of customers.

Case Study A

Store optimistion of Top Shopping centre, Singapore

Vionvision has been cooperating with this client for more than 5 years. As one of the main global sensory and traffic optimisation solution providers, we have installed more than 1,000 sensors and various kind of intelligent devices in more than 10 Shopping Centres to increase their leasing improvement and investment appreciation.

Case Study B

The Leading South-eastern Asian Luxury Shopping Mall’s Integrated Utilization of Comprehensive Smart Traffic Solution

The client has implemented VionVision’s accurate people counting systematic solution. In 2017, it began with traditional footfall devices covering the entire venue for statistical purposes and data collection, while starting from 2023, the system has been upgraded to full-track accurate traffic, utilizing the wiring and perforations of traditional footfall devices. The system accurately recognizes customer characteristics, entry and exit times, and browsing information, enabling the precise collection of customer profile data. Through precise footfall data, correlations between formats, floors, and stores are observed. This allows for joint marketing for strongly-correlated stores and specialized marketing for weakly correlated stores, enhancing the overall operational capabilities of the project through technological empowerment. By accumulating and analyzing precise customer data, combined with internal and external business, customer, and marketing data, it guides the overall business strategy of the project, creating more value for the company and merchants.



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