Building Smart Spaces


Ineffective Targeting

Due to the large numbers of the store in total, the management of a single store is difficult, costly and inefficient.

Inability to Measure Irregular Behaviour

It is hard to achieve accurate assessment of staff and detect irregular behaviours on time such as presenteeism (employees are physically present but not actively engaged in productive tasks).

Difficulty in Optimisation

Without a deep understanding of customer preferences, behavior, and purchasing patterns, it becomes challenging to tailor marketing strategies effectively.

Suboptimal Marketing ROI

Without insights into conversion rates and other key performance indicators of promotions, marketers may find it challenging to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns accurately.

Case Study A

Smart Store Upgrade for a 3C Brand

Vionvision serves the brand’s more than 5,000 stores. The services provided include initial POC testing, overall solution design, front-end equipment installation and commissioning, use training and after-sales maintenance of the cloud platform. The system has been used in more than 300 cities and generates more than 75 million visitor traffic data per month. At the store entrance, Vionvision’s equipment provides analysis services such as passing-by flow and incoming traffic, staff exclusion, store entry rates, dwell time distribution, customer demographic surveys, and more. In the store, it implements functions such as product attractiveness analysis and customer shopping path analysis. Our solutions bring the following value to our clients:

Case Study B

Traffic Analysis for an International Jewelry Brand

Vionvision has cooperated with hundreds of stores under the brand, in addition to basic traffic analysis, it also provides our customers with product attractiveness analysis, dwell time and conversion rate correlation analysis, as well as conversion rate analysis of new season jewelry displayed in the window. Our solutions bring the following value to our clients:



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