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Building Smart Spaces


Crowd Variability

Public spaces often experience fluctuating crowd sizes and densities, which can lead to overloading if there isn't a precise estimation of passenger volume.

Complex Movement Patterns

People in public spaces don't follow predictable paths. They may enter and exit from various directions, linger in certain areas, or change direction unexpectedly. Without accurate footfall data, It is hard for the managers to make adjustments to better divert passing crowds and manage congestion effectively.

Environmental Factors

Public areas have more environmental challenges compared to other areas. Factors like glare , weather, and obstacles (such as signage, furniture, or temporary structures) can impact the performance of traditional sensors,

Case Study A

Zhengzhou International Airport Passenger Flow Analysis System

Zhengzhou International Airport is a 4F-class international civil airport with an annual passenger throughput of more than 20 million. Vionvison provides a complete passenger flow analysis and visualisation solution for the airport. The solution includes:

Case Study B

China Science and Technology Museum Visitor Flow Statistics System

Vionvision provides various services such as statistics on the number of people entering and leaving the exhibition halls, real-time statistics on the number of people in the exhibition halls, and early warning of the number of visitors exceeding the limit for the major themed exhibition halls in the museum. Through these data services, the following improvements have been brought to customers:     



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